Black and white flag would put NZ in 'select group' with 'ISIS and pirates' - expert

The world’s Vexillolgy Congress is underway and New Zealand’s flag referendum is the hot topic. Source: 1 NEWS

Vexillology is the study of flags, and the World Vexillology Congress is in underway in Sydney with the hot topic New Zealand's increasingly controversial flag conundrum.

"The basic principals of flag design emphasise simplicity, and these flags with the exception of the koru aren't as simple as many national flags," expert Ted Kaye said.

"A flag should be so simple a child can draw it from memory."

While another expert told ONE News that using black and white "would put you in a very select group of ISIS and pirates".

However, many Australians are calling on their own government to take note of New Zealand's flag debate.

"Tony [Abbott], have a look at New Zealand, they're beating us at everything," Aus Flag spokesman Harold Scruby said.

Aus Flag have been campaigning for Australia to lose the Union Jack for 29-years.

"Look you're not just two hours ahead of Sydney and five hours ahead of Perth, you're light years ahead of us in your thinking," Mr Scruby said.