'A bit gender exclusive' - Auckland café axes gingerbread 'man' for gender-neutral item

Conversations around gender are becoming more and more common in society these days.

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At the Tannery, a gingerbread man is now a gingerbread gender neutral person. Source: Seven Sharp

It's not as black and white as men and women - it's more nuanced, with pronouns like them and they.

Now, one West Auckland Cafe has taken it to a new level by labelling one of its most popular foods with a new gender-neutral name.

It all began when a customer told The Tannery team that a gingerbread man is "a bit gender exclusive".

So, they decided to create a gingerbread gender-neutral person in response.

"It started off a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it's actually become a focal point and started a bit of a discussion at the counter with a lot of people taking photos," The Tannery owner Andre Cettina told Seven Sharp.

"Some people think things might have gone too far one way, so they are having a bit of a chuckle with it."

Mr Cettina says some people will take offence to it, but you can't keep everyone happy.

When asked if he plans on adding more gender neutrally labelled food products to his offerings, Mr Cettina said they are happy with the gingerbread gender neutral people for now.