From birth through to death, each stage of our lives set to go digital


Each age and stage of our lives are set to go digital thanks to a new online portal for all life events from birth through to death.

It is part of a push by government to get more of our personal data online, making it easier to share that information between departments.

Smart Start is one initiative designed to help new parents organise everything to do with a birth, while doing away with paperwork.

When Wellington mother Claire Meirelles was pregnant, she says she didn't realise how many forms she’d need to fill out.

But the website has given her the option to do "things like applying for maternity leave, applying for a birth certificate or an IRD number" online.

'Smart Start' has come about with the collaboration of five government agencies, College of Midwives and Plunket, sharing information once split between 56 different websites.

The aim is to have 70 per cent of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with the government carried out online by the end of the year.

Although there is some concern about those advancements.

Thomas Beagle of NZ Council of Liberties says while he’s a fan of the government going digital, he worries "about the amount of data that they are collecting and I do worry about what that's going to be used for".

The Department of Internal Affairs maintains any sharing only happens when the customer gives consent.

Government leaders and members of the tech industry are discussing the progress of ICT in the public sector at the NZTech Advanced Government and Technology Summit in Wellington today.

Government departments are pushing to get more personal data online, making it easier to share information.
Source: 1 NEWS

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