Binge drinking motto 'eating's cheating' taken to task in new Kiwi campaign

The familiar binge drinking adage "eating's cheating" is being taken to task in a new campaign encouraging Kiwis to have a full-stomach before partaking of a drink or two.

The campaign is pushing a new safe drinking message, "always graze when you liaise", and it's being fronted by social media personality William Waiirua - known for his signature dance moves, unique persona and sunglasses.

"The 'Always Graze When You Liaise' campaign fits my goal of working on socially responsible and impactful, campaigns, projects and messages," says William Waiirua.

Sharing a stage with the social media star may be the highlight of Daniel's day. Source: Breakfast

"This campaign is not about me telling you with whom, how often, how much, with what and where you liaise, it is about showcasing Kiwi occasions and offering ideas on how you can Always Graze When You Liaise."

Cheers NZ spokesman Matt Claridge says the campaign aims to change behaviour across a new generation of Kiwi drinkers.

"It's no longer cool to encourage unsocial drinking habits, like not eating," Mr Claridge says.

Our goal is to change the way Kiwis approach drinking alcohol to ensure good habits like eating, keeping hydrated, pacing yourself, knowing what a standard drink looks like and planning your night to get home safely are formed early."

The "graze when you liaise" campaign will launch in Dunedin tomorrow, including an appearance by William Waiirua in the Tui Catch Zone at the one-day cricket match between the Black Caps and England. 

William is fronting a campaign encouraging Kiwis to eat before and during drinking. Source: Breakfast

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