Billion dollar space programme sparks questions over the $90 million aid NZ hands out


When the Prime Minister touches down in Indonesia tonight his focus will be on trade and business ties with the world's sixteenth largest economy.

The Taxpayers' Union says we need tougher controls on New Zealand's aid budget.
Source: 1 NEWS

But some say John Key should also ask about New Zealand's massive aid donations to the country.

"Why are we giving hundreds of millions of dollars to governments that are able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on space programmes," says Jordan Williams from the Taxpayers' Union.

"That strongly suggests they are not the most in need, and that's where our money should be going."

Indonesia has spent over $200 million on its space programme since 2010 while New Zealand has given them around $90 million in aid over that time.

Indonesia is our largest aid programme outside the Pacific.

The Taxpayers' Union says we need tougher controls on the aid budget which puts more money into countries in the Pacific.

But Mr Key backs the status quo.

"When we allocate our aid budget we are very specific about how that works and what programmes they go into, we don't just give the country money," he says.

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