Bill English takes advice on whether North Korea's missiles could reach NZ


Prime Minister Bill English has sought advice on whether a missile from North Korea could reach New Zealand shores.

The revelation comes ahead of a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in which the issue of North Korea and its on-going missile programme is likely to be discussed.

The claims come as Bill English heads to Asia to talk trade.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr English says the question of whether a North Korean missile could reach New Zealand was asked of officials in the wake of threats of missile strikes against Australia by North Korea.

Concern in Japan is very high over the North Korean threat after a missile landed in the sea off Japan and Russia on Sunday.

It is thought it was a new type of missile that was that can fly further than previous ones.

1 NEWS Political Editor Corin Dann is with the Prime Minister and reports from Japan.
Source: 1 NEWS

Bill English says while it wasn't a major investigation by officials they were asked what likelihood was there that if a missile could reach Australia one could get to New Zealand.

He says the answer is they can’t.

Meanwhile, Mr English says he has no concerns about sharing intelligence information with the Trump administration, in the wake of revelations that President Trump may have revealed sensitive information about an ISIS threat to Russia in talks with their Foreign Minister last week.

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