Bill English reveals his biggest regret, talks about being a 'big softie' and worldwide social media fame in Seven Sharp interview

National Party leader Bill English has looked back on his storied political career on TVNZ1's Seven Sharp, after announcing his resignation today.

Speaking to hosts Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells, Mr English said it was a "privilege every day" to be in Parliament and admitted to having a soft side when asked about his tears during his resignation announcement.

Seven Sharp’s Wilson looks back the former PM’s long political career. Source: Seven Sharp

"I've always been a bit of a softie and when I talk about my family I find it difficult and they were there today which was great" he said.

Mr English says his family back his decision and he will be able to spend more time with his kids, who he said have pretty well developed political views, although "some of them are quite wrong."

After hitting worldwide fame for his social media post of a tinned spaghetti pizza he whipped up and documenting his infamous walk run routine, Barry asked Mr English if would now retire from social media.

"Look I think I'd better leave that space for the next leader," he said.

Wells asked what Mr English's biggest regret was, to which he admitted it was not winning the last election, however he had enjoyed every minute of his time in politics.

The PM’s message came during Parliament’s Question Time. Source: 1 NEWS

"It's a privilege every day to be a member of Parliament, even more so to be a Prime Minister and I'm just pleased that I valued it and used the opportunity every day."

Mr English says he’s “very happy” with his decision to step down as National Party leader. Source: Seven Sharp

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