Bill English promises extra $321 million for social investment

The Prime Minister is promising an extra $321 million worth of social investment spending in this month's Budget.

The money will be targeted on those with behavioural and communication difficulties. Source: 1 NEWS

Details of the spending were unveiled by Bill English at a pre-Budget speech in Wellington.

It includes a $68.8 million package to support disadvantaged children with behaviour and communication issues.

This includes $28 million to help expand the Family Start programme.

A further $34.7 million that will be spent over four years to expand services for children with severe behavioural difficulties.

The Government has also decided to refresh its key public service targets.

New targets will include reducing serious crime victims by 10,000 and achieving a 20 per cent reduction in the time it takes to house priority clients on the social housing register.

There will also be a target of having 90 per cent of pregnant women register with a lead maternity carer in their first trimester.