Bill English: 'Let's get on and form a government'




National lost two seats on special votes but Prime Minister Bill English says there hasn't been a significant change since election night and he's keen to get on and form a fourth term National government.

Labour and the Greens each picked up one seat from the special votes but Mr English says National is still the largest party.
Source: 1 NEWS

The final results, announced today, show National down two seats while the Greens and Labour have picked up one each.

National has 56, Labour 46, NZ First nine and the Greens eight.

"It doesn't fundamentally change the equation," Mr English told reporters.

"National is still significantly the largest party, that's been confirmed, and we have a good basis for getting on and forming a government."

Mr English said he didn't think his position had been weakened.

"Now it's a matter of negotiating the policies and structure that are going to deliver a continuing strong economy, and deal with the issues that were raised during the election campaign and by New Zealand First," he said.

"We're negotiating with New Zealand First on the basis that we have a strong election result - 10 seats more than Labour and more than the Labour/Greens combination."

Mr English said he expected the negotiations to focus on the economy and issues raised by NZ First rather than on the number of seats the parties hold.

"This is the result MMP has given us, it has delivered successful governments in the last four elections and I don't see any need for a change."

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