Bill English baits PM over whether regional jobs opportunities are in-line 'with what the public were led to believe'

The Opposition leader questioned the Prime Minister today over job creation in the regions, and whether those proposed were in-line "with what the public were led to believe". 

"It is absolutely this Government's ambition to increase employment, particularly for people in the regions and particularly for young people," Mr Ardern said. 

Bill English had asked Ms Ardern earlier to confirm over the last two years that there had been 245,000 jobs created, however Ms Ardern hit back, referencing an increase to unemployment in Gisborne by 8.8 per cent in the same time frame and said the amount of young people not in employment or training had also increased. 

"We can do better than that," she said. 

Mr English asked if the "type of jobs she wants to create" is "planting trees on Tuesdays and Fridays at the minimum wage is the type of job she wants to create?"

The National Party leader questions how the plan will work when senior ministers can't agree on what it will look like. Source: 1 NEWS

"It's sad to see that after such a short time in opposition those past ministers have become so unambitious for the potential of those young people," Ms Ardern said. 

"There are full time job opportunities in the forestry industry, and the Member well knows that."

Mr English asked if she will direct MP Shane Jones to "create full time jobs on a living wage as the public have been led to believe is the case, or is she happy with the current policy to create part time jobs on the minimum wage?"

But the PM stood her ground, saying it was about investing in young people, not diminishing their motivation or the ability to do a job".