Big Mac served with a big McBite taken out of it

An Auckland woman was left with an "unpleasant surprise" when she ordered a Big Mac from her local McDonald's.

The Big Mac in question. Source: Supplied

Lakyn Taite-Allen said she visited the Lincoln Rd McDonald's in Henderson on Sunday for a meal, but was disgusted to find her burger had already been attacked by someone's chompers.

A big bite was taken out of an Auckland woman's Big Mac. Source: Supplied

"A BITE OUT OF MY BIGMAC went back in to find out how this happened not back in to get a refund or another burger but more an explanation and all the manager could say was it's impossible for this to happen," she posted to Facebook.

"As if I had tampered with it or something well guess what I received not even an apology or an explanation I have two witnesses of what has happened and will be taking this further, I have worked at McDonald's before so I know what fresh standards are and Lincoln Road does not possess this at all and if you can see the lettuce in this burger you too will probably agree that this is not fresh it looks old and even felt cold."

McDonald's has since apologised to Ms Taite-Allen after initially disputing the complaint.

However, CCTV footage showed the pre-munched burger being served, Fairfax Media reported.

Lakyn Taite-Allen
Lakyn Taite-Allen
Lakyn Taite-Allen