Best boss ever? Christchurch businessman sending his entire 45-strong staff on trip to Las Vegas

A Christchurch businessman is taking work perks to the next level, whisking his 45 employees on a dream vacation to Las Vegas.

Paul Kelly, of Paul Kelly Motor Group, will close his car yard next week to celebrate the company’s 20 year anniversary.

As a thank you to his staff they'll spend that week in Sin City's famous Bellagio hotel and casino, all on his dime.

"At the end of the day if you can do it why wouldn't you," he said.

"If you do good things for people, they'll do right by you and I could count on one hand anybody that's left her in 20 years really."

It's the latest and largest stunt after years of team building exercises on the company's anniversary.

"I said I would make sure the 20th anniversary day will be the biggest and the best we've done and maybe it'll be fish and chips at the local park for the next 10," he said.

When it comes to kind gestures from the boss this one has to be up right up there. Source: 1 NEWS