Benefactor gives community centre and surf lifesaving base to Baylys Beach township

A generous benefactor has gifted Baylys Beach in Northland a community centre and surf lifesaving base after being diagnosed with cancer.

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The man's benevolence begun with a visit to his lawyer in Dargaville in late 2015 after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Source: Seven Sharp

A local who passed away four years ago paid a visit to his lawyer in nearby Dargaville following his diagnosis.

Graeme Ramsey, Baylys Beach Community Centre trustee, said the man was adamant he wanted the move to be anonymous.

"He was adamant, that was a very clear instruction - don't want to be required, this is not going to be about me.

“He loved the beach and he loved his dogs,” Ramsey said.

“It was a short period from diagnoses to death really, in that time he investigated what was needed here, went to Surf Lifesaving, talked with them about their needs, bought the site, found the builder, found the architect.”

Prior to their new digs, paid lifesaving patrols have been limited to three weeks a year, with guards forced to hire baches in peak season and then transport their equipment to the beach in a horsefloat.

The benevolent gesture extends well beyond the $1 million mark.

“Good old whatshisname,” Ramsey said.

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