'I believe my son and husband are in heaven now' - Syrian refugee who lost loved ones in Christchurch terrorist attack bravely shares her story

The two mosques where the mass shootings broke out last week are being returned to their original condition so that prayers can be held there once again.

Those who were injured and those who lost loved ones have a strong desire to return.

Salwa Mustafa lost her husband and eldest son during the shooting at the Al Noor mosque.

Yesterday she buried her husband Khalid and her son Hamza.

The family are refugees from Syria and moved to New Zealand six months ago.

Ms Mustafa was on the phone to her 15-year-old son in his final moments.

“Just hearing his low voice trying to speak to me and after that I didn’t hear anything.”

She attended the funeral with her surviving son, 13-year-old Zaid.

“First of all he refused when I asked him then he said ‘No I need to go, I need to say goodbye to my father’,” Mrs Mustafa said.

Zaid was in a wheelchair still recovering from surgery after being shot in the stomach and leg.

“His emotion when he remembers the things that happened, he is very angry, very sad. Day by day he will be better,” his mother said.

Despite the horrors that unfolded in the mosque she wants to return with her young son to pray.

“It's very hard if we go inside, we can feel everything like what happened.”

She says she has found her strength and a sense of peace.

“I believe that my son and my husband are in heaven now.”

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    Salwa Mustafa had the terrible task of laying to rest both her husband Khalid and 15-year-old son Hamza. Source: 1 NEWS