'Behind every single dollar is an un-met need' - Adern explains thinking behind first Budget

Jacinda Ardern has defended her first Budget as prime minister with a passionate defence in Parliament this afternoon.

Responding to opposition leader Simon Bridges' scathing assessment, Ms Ardern said this years Budget laid a foundation for the future.

"Budgets, even when designed to serve an entire country - an entire population - is still a very personal thing, because behind every single dollar is a story," Ms Ardern said.

It follows comments from the Opposition calling the Budget a “brain drain”. Source: 1 NEWS

"Behind every single dollar is an un-met need.

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"No decision in this budget was made lightly. No decision was ever flippant or less important than the other. Each was considered, it was prioritised; it was balanced to form some firm foundations for the future."

Ms Ardern also took the time to thank Finance Minister Grant Robertson for his work on the budget.

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