Beefed up compliance in place for Gypsy Day as threat of Mycoplasma bovis looms - 'There's still the risk'

Today is Gypsy Day, the day when the nation's cows move from farm to farm for winter feed.

But with the worry of Mycoplasma bovis hanging over dairy farmers' heads, it's caused anxiety for some and forced all farmers to follow biosecurity protocol to the letter.

MPI said it's had extra compliance teams out around the country and has been taking a zero-tolerance approach.

However, despite Lauriston share milkers Dan and Paula McAtamney's vigilance over the origins of the animals arriving on their uninfected farm, they don't feel completely protected.

"There's still the risk they could have been infected somewhere along the line, but it's a risk we have to take, I guess, to carry on with our business," Ms McAtamney said.

"Farmers just need to support each other and do their best to keep themselves safe and keep others safe that they might be in contact with," Mr McAtamney said.

Around the country, thousands of cows have moved over the last week.

Federated Farmers spokesperson Chris Ford said a lot of the biosecurity protocols, like truck washing, and cows being kept separate, are based on trust.

"Extreme times, extreme measures. Everyone has to, you know, do their part. No one wants this disease to get worse," Mr Ford said.

It’s the time of year when dairy herds move from property to property. Source: 1 NEWS