Bay Dreams medical staff warn of spiked drugs at popular music festival

They'll be dancing well into the night in Nelson as 13,000 partygoers enjoy the music festival Bay Dreams.

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Around 13,000 partygoers will be enjoying the Nelson event tonight. Source: 1 NEWS

But this year the vibe may be tainted for some, with medical staff confirming there is evidence of spiked drugs.

Drug testing at earlier festivals this summer has shown a synthetic stimulant known as bath salts has been present in MDMA in up to 50 per cent of cases.

“It wears off leaving people feeling anxious and agitated, and people tend to think they have just taken weak MDMA and just take more,” Know Your Stuff’s Wendy Allison told 1 NEWS.

Those working in the festival medical tents say the impact is quick.

“You'll be OK for about 30 minutes but then it will send you into a little bit of a bad time,” Olivia Montgomery of Deep Space Festival Care says.

Drug takers have been about their experience online.

“I have been severely sick for the last few days. I can't keep any food down, and can't stop vomiting,” one person wrote.

“I felt like a crack addict whose having withdrawls,” said another.

Today at Bay Dreams though, health officials were generally happy with how things are going.