Battle between rival chicken farmers ends in victory for brothers

It's been a year and a half since Seven Sharp brought you the story of a David and Goliath battle between two poultry providers.

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The Intellectual Property Office found in favour of George and Ben Bostock. Source: Seven Sharp

Two organic chicken farmers called the Bostock Brothers, George and Ben, felt they'd been dealt a blow in branding by Big Chicken, Van Den Brink Poultry.

Last year a similar brand to George and Ben's popped up in supermarkets, called George and Jo.

"We are getting countless amounts of inquiries asking if this is George and this confusion really hurts us," Ben Bostock told Seven Sharp.

The thing is, George and Ben are real while George and Jo are not.

The George and Jo brand is owned by large-scale chicken provider Van Den Brink Poultry.

"The farms do exist. [George and Jo] are just a representation of real people," Van den Brink Group's Michael Sheridan says.

"The people that manage it are real people. They are farmers.

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"It is the furthest thing from our mind to try and mislead the market. That's what we find so insulting about all of this."

Thus a legal battle began between the two businesses in a flap. Now almost a year and a half later, only one remains.

George and Jo's is being removed from the shelves by Van den Brink's Poultry.

The real George says they're thrilled with the result.

"The George and Jo's brand had created a lot of confusion between our brands, who we are, and how we grow the chickens," he says.

"It'll be good to stop having people ringing me asking who my new girlfriend Jo is!"

In a statement from Van Den Brink, general manager Greg Lawrence says: "As part of a wider commercial strategy, Van Den Brink Poultry is launching a new free-range antibiotic-free chicken brand, which will feature new, modernised packaging... The George and Jo's brand will be exiting... and as such there is no longer a case in relation to claims made by Bostock."

The Intellectual Property Office told the Bostocks they're entitled to seek costs from Van Den Brink, George says.

He says other providers should feel brave about standing up for their brands.

"You're never too small. Small producers should always stay true to who they are. And the most important thing not to forget is to always enjoy it and to follow your passion."