Barack Obama in New Zealand: Why the fuss, and what will we feed him?

A brand expert says the potential benefits for New Zealand from Barack Obama's visit are huge as his trip is shared around the world via social media posts.

Such pressure leads to some big questions to try and make his trip a positive one, questions like, what do you feed him?

Famous Kiwi chef Peter Gordon has been tasked with answering that one at a gala dinner in Auckland tomorrow night where Obama will be speaking.

"He's such an incredible man and i thought well he's Hawaiian and lived in Chicago so i thought there's got to be a fish poke and then i thought steak cos you know, Chicago," Mr Gordon told 1 NEWS.

This means that Kiwi salmon's on the menu, along with a host of other high quality local produce that is all part of a global marketing opportunity that doesn't come along every day.

"I think he brings a clear benefit to New Zealand because he's probably one of the most well-known personalities in the world.

He was a big hit wherever he went. Source: 1 NEWS

"And he's probably also one of the most liked personalities in the world," Dr Bodo Lang from Auckland University said.

Chef Peter Gordon is just hoping Obama does choose his salmon tomorrow night.

"I hope so, that's what I've put my heart and soul into."

Obama is in the Bay of Islands, where he's believed to be spending a night at a luxury hideaway. Source: 1 NEWS

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