Ballet is for Everyone at this studio - especially the kids

An unconventional dance studio in Wellington is proving that ballet doesn't have to be exclusive and disciplined.

Ballet is for Everyone runs on Sunday mornings and was founded by Emily McKewen, whose own son hasn't had much to time for fun and socialising because of medical issues.

"He really wanted to wear a tutu and dress up and just have fun and that's what I wanted for him as well," Ms McKewen said.

Ballet Teacher Sarah Wood says that sessions can get pretty chaotic, but they are always fun and inclusive.

"I'm sure there are a lot of ballet people who are looking at this and going 'oh my goodness, what's happening?'".

And while teaching ballet at the class means an early start, it's all worth it once you get there, Ms Wood says.

"Some Sunday mornings you wake up and you're like 'Ohhhh ... I could just stay in bed a little bit longer' but then when you get here the kids are just so stoked to see you and they're just having the time of their lives."

One Wellington mum decided on taking a different approach to ballet. Source: Seven Sharp