Bail denied for teen accused of sharing 'target acquired' image of Christchurch mosque

Seven people appeared in the Christchurch District Court today charged with possessing or distributing the live stream of the Christchurch mosques shooting.

Three of them were released on bail under strict conditions which include not going within 500 metres of a mosque, no internet access and no contact with associates. The rest were remanded in custody.

An 18-year-old charged with making a photo of the Al Noor Mosque captioned 'Target Acquired' was declined bail, RNZ reported.

He faces one charge of sharing the live stream video made by the shooter and another of sharing an image of the Al Noor Mosque with the words 'Target Acquired'.

The option of electronically-monitored bail may be considered when the man reappears in court on July 31.

Name suppression continued for six of the accused today.

Ms Currie told Judge Stephen O'Driscoll death threats have already been made against the defendants, which have led to the Crown taking a neutral stance about continued name suppression until charges are resolved.

Judge O'Driscoll added "it would be wise to let justice take its course without any outside interference".

Philip Neville Arps, who was not given name suppression, made his second appearance today. He faces two charges of distributing the video and was remanded in custody without plea until April 26.