Bagpipes the penguin has a new leg thanks to generous doctor

Further Kiwi ingenuity has seen a wounded penguin named Bagpipes receive a new leg, after a retired dentist made his daughter's duck a new beak.

Antarctic Centre penguin keeper Mal Hackett said Bagpipes was found by a Scottish man on the West Coast in 2007 with fishing line tangled around his leg.

The little penguin lost his leg and had been hobbling on his stump ever since.

"We have a lot of problems with him getting bumble foot on his stump … on his good foot it's worn completely down," Ms Hackett said.

Dr Don Clucas from the University of Canterbury built him an alternative.

"I have a printer that can print multiple materials at the same time, here we've got hard parts and soft parts for the web," he said of his 3D printed penguin feet.

Dr Clucas generously performed the task free of charge, and now Bagpies is walking again in a winter wonderland.

A 3D printer, yes that’s right, a 3D printer was used to make the new leg for Bagpipes. Source: Seven Sharp

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