Bad weather sends veggie prices skyrocketing




The wild weather that has heralded the start of spring will affect the availability and cost of veges, Horticulture NZ says.


Already hit by plenty of rain since March, growers have had to combat hail storms and colder temperatures than normal over the past few days.

Chief executive Mike Chapman says this is affecting the ability to harvest potatoes, cauliflowers and leafy greens including lettuces.

As well, the hail has damaged some crops.

"Growers want people to know they are doing all they can to supply fresh spring vegetables, but the weather is something they cannot control," Mr Chapman said.

"We find that when people get to the shops and see higher than expected prices for vegetables, they don't necessarily understand why that is."

He said Horticulture NZ was asking the government to look at a food security policy covering issues like protecting growing land to allow for year-round production and access to water.

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