Bad weather due over next few days but 'still too early to tell' about cyclone hitting NZ

The north of New Zealand is set to be hit with bad weather over the next few days, but we shouldn't be too worried about talk of a cylcone hitting the country, just yet.

A woman walks through the rain with an umbrella.

That's according to 1 NEWS weatherman Dan Corbett who says "it's too early to tell" if a potential cyclone forming in the Pacific Ocean will "affect us here".

Corbett says two disturbances in the Pacific Ocean, one north of Vanuatu and the other south of Fiji "will help send some moisture and a band of bad weather to northern parts of country over the course of the coming days".

"There could be a cyclone forming (in the Pacific) but it's many days away – it's literally late next week," he says.

"It's still even too early to tell if that'll affect us here."