Back to school for boy while judge ponders long hair

A high school boy suspended over the length of his hair will return to school on Wednesday while a High Court judge deliberates on his case.

The Judge hopes to make a decision on 16-year-old Lucan Battison by the end of next week.

Lucan was suspended from Hastings school St John's College because he refused to get his hair cut.

The state-integrated Catholic boys' school has a bylaw requiring hair to be "off the collar and out of the eyes". It is understood Lucan offered to tie his hair back, but this was unacceptable to the school.

Today his father Troy took the case to the High Court in Wellington seeking an urgent judicial review of the school's decision.

Outside court he told ONE News he hoped "common sense will prevail".

Mr Battison's lawyer Jol Bates told the court the proceedings were a last resort, and despite being taken by his father, it was very much Lucan's case. The boy is fighting for an issue he believes in, Mr Bates said.

He said there were no health and safety issues, and Lucan had had the same hairstyle for the last three years.

"They are a hard-working family who have decided to stand up for an issue they believe in," he said.

Mr Bates said that the judgement as to whether Lucan's hair was too long was subjective and set by one school official.

"If he cuts it shorter it becomes boofy. It turns into an afro," he said.

Lucan Battison was suspended from a Hastings school because he refused to get his hair cut Source: 1 NEWS

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