Back to Basics: Five easy steps to easing the addiction of shopping at the supermarket

One of the most asked questions I get from those who follow my page on social media who want to spend less time at the supermarket is, where do we start?

Not everyone has the time and resources to give up the supermarket and start their own garden to live off completely.

But it is possible to reduce some of your reliance on the supermarket and/or reduce your waste while saving money with a few simply little steps.

Shop locally

Farmers markets, local butchers, bakeries and food and veggie stores are a great place to buy everyday produce that is locally grown or sourced. This is also a great way to redirect money back into the local economy while purchasing fresh and in season items.

Ditch the plastic

Plenty of supermarkets and stores sell Morse bags which you can buy and use during your weekly shop instead of plastic bags which reduces your waste. Some local stores and local markets will let you use your own containers which help reduce cardboard and bottle waste.

Buy earth friendly products

Eco-friendly products can be on the expensive side so my top tip is use less. When it comes to cleaning products you actually don’t need to use a lot so try and limit the amount you use and you’ll see your waste reduce and a little more cash in your pocket.

Products such as Earthware are also great eco-friendly products to use as well.

Get growing

Start small. You don’t have to plant a whole veggie garden straight away. Start off with some herbs in a pot in your kitchen. Then move on to tomatoes or lettuce in a pot. For the more adventurous, start a garden in your backyard growing vegetables that are in season.

Before you know it you’ll be eating produce out of your garden and saving money at the supermarket.

Eat socially

I know we all love a night out at a restaurant or to grab a takeaway on the weekend. But what about once in a while arranging a pot luck with friends? Or a picnic instead of going to a café? That way you save a little money while enjoying food other hands have prepared.

Lydia's loaded wedges.
Lydia's loaded wedges. Source: 1 NEWS

From Lydia's garden: Loaded wedges

Olive oil
1 can of drained red kidney beans
1 can of preserved tomatoes
1 crushed chili
1 finely diced onion

In a cast iron fry pan, bring the oil to heat and add the chopped onion to the pain and cook until transparent.

Then add the drained beans, tomatoes and chili and heat through.

In another large fry pan, heat oil and cook the sliced potatoes until slightly brown.

Drain the pan and place the potatoes onto cooling rack.

Serve with the bean dip, avocado and yoghurt or your favourite wedge topping.

Source: 1 NEWS