Axe throwing becomes popular leisure activity

You might think the only type of person to throw an axe is one that wears a white ski mask and chases people at night.

But axe throwing is fast becoming a popular leisurely activity.

'Sweet Axe' run by Australian couple Lloyd Bombell and Sarah Hilyard have set up shop in Auckland, following on from their success in Wellington.

"When you get that first thunk into the board.. You get hooked pretty quick," he says.

The game itself is simple, competing in a round-robin type playoff, you score points by nailing the target.

But hurtling 1.2 kilogram bladed weapons around a room begs the question… Has anyone lost a limb?

"A splinter.. That's the worst accident that we've seen," Sarah says.

If you think axe throwing is for burly men, think again.

"Axe throwing doesn't discriminate! I've had 16 up to 85 throwing. He was actually quite good! He came in second!"

WorkSafe have given their business the green light. Lloyd says the axes are kept locked up until it’s game time.

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Throwing the 1.2kg bladed weapon is proving a hit with buck’s parties and team building. Source: 1 NEWS

"We don't put our customers in any unnecessary risk, it's actually a very safety sport if you follow guidelines and are under supervision the entire time so no one is putting you under any unnecessary risks."

It's proving a popular option for work do's… But understandably, a sober evening.

"We get people coming in for corporate team building, even bucks parties. When you have a whole bunch of people from someone's life who don’t actually know each other and normally that would be smoothed over with a little alcohol, we don’t have any alcohol in here but we do find axe throwing is quite intoxicating in itself. Everyone starts a little quiet but as the throws start they get a little louder, a little more chummy and by the end of it everyone's 'hollering and hooting' and having a great time," says Lloyd.

Sweet Axe is holding an open day to the public next weekend in Central Auckland.