How to avoid being the victim of hackers targeting Kiwi loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes are all the rage these days, for example almost three million Kiwis are signed up to Fly Buys.

However, in the US loyalty schemes are increasingly being targeted by hackers and cyber security expert Kendra Ross believes Kiwis need to watch out too.

"We’ve had leakages out of some of the apps, like last year, Z with their petrol cards," Ms Ross says.

She says user names, passwords, addresses and registration plates have been affected as well.

"Many of these schemes are created by marketing people and security has been an afterthought and it’s probably a bit late by that stage."

Ms Ross says that loyalty programmes in New Zealand can be "quite a good target" for hackers.

The answer? Change your passwords and use two-factor authentication.

"Change your passwords on your bank accounts, on your loyalty programmes, on your apps. Use a phrase and use the first few letters, put some numbers in and make it simple for yourself," says Ms Ross. 

That way your loyalty will be rewarded, while your privacy remains safe.

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A digital security expert gives the latest tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. Source: Seven Sharp