Avocado prices the lowest in almost three years

Avocado lovers can rejoice, with prices for the fruit dropping to their lowest in almost three years.

Avocado file image. Source: Wikimedia Commons, Susan Slater

According to Stats NZ information released today, avocado prices are at their lowest average price since February 2017. In October, they cost $7.54 per kg.

Avocado prices have been turbulent in 2019. May saw a record high of $28.67 per kg, acting consumer prices manager Fiona Smillie said.

New Zealand Avocado CEO Jenny Scoular told 1 NEWS in May that high demand and a growing export market paired with low supplies of the fruit drove prices up during that month. 

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Back in May, Jen Scoular of industry organisation New Zealand Avocado said prices should fall when the new season starts in June. Source: 1 NEWS

Meanwhile, prices for tomato, lettuce and cucumber also fell this month, typical of the season.  

These falls contributed to a 4.7 per cent drop in fruit and vegetable prices in October.

However, food prices have increased by 2.5 per cent in the past year due to price increases of restaurant and ready-to-eat foods (up 3.4 per cent) and grocery food (up 2.1 per cent).

Stats NZ revealed meat, poultry and fish prices are also up 4.2 per cent in the past year.

Bacon prices continued to increase after the outbreak of African swine fever in China, Ms Smillie said. 

Bacon prices are up 24 per cent in the past year, now at a weighted average price of $13.37 per 700 grams. 80 to 90 per cent of bacon in New Zealand is imported.

Ham prices are up 22 per cent for the year ended October, to a weighted average price of $14.28 per kg.

“Not all meat, poultry, and fish prices have seen substantial increases this year. Chicken breast decreased 2.2 per cent, to a weighted average price of $12.51 per kg,” Ms Smillie said.