Avocado price tags have doubled since February, as breakfast staples soar in cost

Higher prices for avocados, tomatoes, bacon, eggs and bread last month have hit Kiwis looking to make brunch at home, Statistics New Zealand said in a statement today.

Avocados alone have more than doubled in price when compared with February 2019's pricetag.

"Avocado prices usually rise early in the year, and reach their highest levels around June," Statistics New Zealand consumer prices manager Gael Price said. "However, this March's increase was much bigger than usual. Avocado prices were $4.29 per 200g avocado, up from $3.12 per 200g in March 2018."

The price of tomatoes also soared last month, with an average cost of $5.20 a kilo in March - 44 per cent higher than February 2019, and 12 per cent more than the same time last year.

Bacon prices, too, saw an increase of 2.7 per cent last month, with the average price for 700g of middle rasher coming in at $11.01, compared with $10.71 in February.

The cost of a loaf of bread, meanwhile, rose 1.1 per cent last month, while egg prices went up 0.4 per cent - 9.0 per cent higher than the same time last year.

However, while classic brunch staples saw Kiwis hit hard in the wallet, the price for a 500g block of butter fell for the second month in a row - down to $5.11 in March 2019 from a series-high of $5.79 in January.

The cost of fruit, too, rose 5.5 per cent in March - an incresae of 2.7 per cent in the year to March 2019.

Overall, food prices rose 0.5 per cent last month.

Brunch featuring avocado on toast topped with an egg. Source: