Australians want senator removed from parliament for Christchurch remarks, petition gains more than 1.3 million signatures

Australians are "not happy" with senator Fraser Anning following remarks made in the wake of Christchurch's terrorist attacks at two mosques.

Australian correspondent Ryan Boswell told TVNZ1's Breakfast while parliament did not have the power to remove him, Australians were voicing their upset with him.

More than 1.3 million people have signed a petition to get him removed from parliament, and many are calling for Will Connolly, aka Egg Boy, to be named Australian of the Year for cracking an egg over the senator's head at a speaking engagement last weekend.

Mr Anning lashed back at the teenager, hitting him in the face several times, further aggravating those who disapproved of his comments.

Mr Anning blamed the Christchurch attacks, which left 50 people dead, on Muslim immigration. 

"Fraser Anning is not the most popular politician on this side of the Tasman," Boswell said. "He doesn't have a great track record."

Mr Anning's comments have had him in hot water before - being kicked out of a party - as well those made by family members, Boswell added.

"It is blatant racism and Australians are not happy with him."

Voters will get the chance to have their say boot the Queensland Senator out of parliament in May.

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Australian correspondent Ryan Boswell tells TVNZ1’s Breakfast about a petition to get him removed for parliament. Source: Breakfast