Aussie Instagram influencers Inspired Unemployed return to NZ after 'saving internet' in lockdown

They were credited as “saving the internet” during lockdown. Now, Australian influencer duo The Inspired Unemployed are back in Aotearoa, where it all started.

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The Inspired Unemployed shot to fame during lockdown. Source: Seven Sharp

Matt Ford and Jack Steele were unemployed in Queenstown in 2016, which sparked the idea of making funny and outrageous videos and posting them online.

But it wasn’t until Covid-19 struck when things really took off for their Instagram page.

“We couldn’t do anything, we couldn't travel and what we love doing is making videos and make people laugh, which was the perfect environment to make content.” Jack Steele told Seven Sharp.

“Everyone’s stuck at home on their phones, then bang.”

Now, 1.1 million followers later, they’re making videos for the big players, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi.

For the full conversation and mischief, check out the full Seven Sharp clip above.