Aussie heatwave to hit Kiwi shores and send temperatures soaring

It's ice block weather for the next few days as Australia's scorching temperatures are forecast to cross the Tasman.

According to 1 NEWS weather presenter Dan Corbett the weekend will see some upper 20s for much of the country, with temperatures in the lower 30s on the cards for the east coast, the Bay of Plenty and potentially Auckland, too, as we enter into the middle of next week.

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The sizzling temperatures are set to head here next. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes as parts of South Australia saw heat records toppled, with temperatures in Snowtown making history at 47.3C, and Port Lincoln coming in close behind at 47C.

Records were also broken when temperatures rose to 45.6C at Stenhouse Bay and 46.9C at Roseworthy. Minnipa recorded 47.3C and Hindmarsh Island 45.2C.

Closer to the city, Adelaide Airport beat its 2013 record of 44.1C with a high of 44.3C, while Noarlunga hit a historic 44.9C.

Adelaide reached its 45C forecast high by 1.30pm, and the Bureau says the city's 80-year-old record of 46.1C is within reach.

CFS state duty commander Yvette Dowling warned the soaring temperatures will lead to unmanageable bushfire conditions.

"If a fire does start with these forecast weather conditions, we're not going to be able to control that fire," she said.

She urged the public to avoid risky behaviour in order to minimise the bushfire threat.

"The communities are at risk, our firefighters are at risk, all emergency services are at risk."

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Records have been toppling in South Australia. Source: 1 NEWS