Aussie broadcaster apologises for 'disrespectful' rant about Jacinda Ardern's Queensland holiday

An Australian broadcaster who went off on a bizarre rant about Jacinda Ardern holidaying in the neighbouring country has apologised to her as a woman and to her office for his "disrespectful" comments.

On Tuesday Project's Steve Price criticised the Prime Minister of New Zealand for holidaying in Australia, drawing comparisons to her Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, who received bashlash when he went on a holiday to Hawaii amid the deadly bushfires.

The Project's co-hosts were quick to shut down Price, telling him the situations were different because "her country is not on fire".

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Aussie television host shut down after bizarre rant about Jacinda Ardern's Queensland holiday

But Price didn't let up, saying she should, "stay in her own country and spend money in her own place. Typical virtue signalling from Jacinda Ardern. I get sick and tired of that woman.

"Why is she not on holiday in New Zealand? You can criticise Scott Morrison for going to Hawaii, why is she not in Hamilton or Canterbury or somewhere like that? What is she doing hanging around Australia?"

However, appearing again on the show last night he apologised.

"What I said was disrespectful of her as a woman, importantly, it was also disrespectful of the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand - our closest ally," he said.

"Look, she's got every right to be here in Australia and what I said last night was dumb."

Price's comments on The Project started a Twitter storm of people defending the Prime Minister, but he said his apology was on his own terms and not because of any "keyboard warriors".

"I got home last night, I thought through it myself, I watched it back and I realised that I was out of order. I shouldn't have done it, I'm sorry I said it, I apologise, it's got nothing to do with any backlash.

"I made a mistake last night, a big one - it was dumb and I'm here to say I'm sorry."