Aunty of 11-year-old girl tragically killed by train in Ngaruawahia pleads for 'respect' after family receives barrage of criticism on social media

An aunty of the 11-year-old girl hit and killed by a train in Ngaruawahia while playing on a bridge has pleaded with the public to "have some respect" and be kind after a barrage of social media criticism directed towards the family.

Summer Toko posted to the 1 NEWS Facebook page several times today, appealling for calm as people accused the family of not looking after Moareen Rameka properly before the tragic incident.

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"Shame you were not looked after responsibly. RIP," Theresa posted on a story about a Givealittle page set up to help the family with funeral costs.

"Why was she on the tracks?? Why was this delightful child not supervised so that she live a full life?...and the mindless among you still consider the bridge to be your playground!" Brian wrote.

"Where was the parents in the first place anyways, where were they when it happen kids need to use their brain no wonder they die early it's their fault as well," Hoanna posted.

Moareen's aunty responded to the comments with a plea on the Facebook post: "All I see is people stating their nasty opinions "whys she on the tracks" "she should have been looked after properly" That is my niece! Let us all put her to rest peacefully without your opinions.

"Someone has passed away. Have some Respect!"

Her comment has received the most likes on the post and drawn comments of support from other users. 

1 NEWS Reporter Jessica Mutch travelled to the scene of the fatal accident to search for answers today. Source: 1 NEWS

"Does everyone realise a family has lost their baby? I'm quite sure they didn't wake that morning and said to their baby hey go play on the tracks today," Karamea writes.

Ms Toko later posted again, responding to posters suggesting the Givealittle money wouldn't be spent in the right way: "You're cruel to think that the money will go somewhere else rather than for this child!!"

She later responded to another commenter, who was asking why Moareen was on the bridge: "We can’t all monitor our kids 24/7 and just so happens she was there, what can we do now?!"

Others attack family for setting up Givealittle page

Other users have attacked the family for setting up a Givealittle page to help with Moareen's funeral costs.

"Very sad for the little girl. R I P. But where were the parents. Care givers. Why were they letting her play on railway lines. That was so irresponsible. Yes they Will suffer. But what do they expect. No money will be given to them from me.

"Yes I will support the driver. One innocent life lost due to the ill responsibility of her care givers," Annette posted on the story.

Again other users jumped to the families defence over the Givealittle page, with one user writing: "If you don't want to donate, that's your choice, but to moan about their being an avenue for those that do want to....Your opinion matters more than theirs why?

"Because you feel only those who YOU deem to be good parents should have access to help when tragedy strikes?"

1 NEWS was also contacted by Moareen's sister and asked not to use her picture in any online stories as the family was receiving online abuse.

So far more than $5500 dollars has been raised to help towards the cost of the funeral and "transport expenses to get her back home".

The bridge over the Waikato River is a favourite spot for local children to jump off in the summer months. Source: 1 NEWS

The NZ rail provider says they’ve spent a lot of money securing the bridge an 11-year-old girl died on over the weekend. Source: 1 NEWS