Auckland's transport future includes alternatives to scrapped East-West link, says Finance Minister

New Zealand's Finance Minister has outlined the reason for scrapping Auckland's East-West link - a proposal by the last government which would have been the most expensive piece of road in the world. 

Grant Robertson told the Auckland Chamber of Commerce this morning that instead, big investments would need to be made into Auckland's transport. 

"As you know we're looking at alternatives to the East-West link, we will make an investment in the corridor but it won't be the $2 billion option."

The motorway would have connected State Highway 1 in Sylvia Park to Onehunga and would have stretched 5.5km, according to Infrastructure NZ.  

"We know we need to make large investments, but $327 million per kilometre is not good value for money," he said. 

In November, the incoming government scrapped the proposed plan, with rail the preferred alternative. 

"One of our priorities is to roll out the 21st century rapid transit transport system for Auckland," Mr Robertson said. 

The plans would include light rail out to the airport and to the west, with the government "investigating" public-private-partnership into infrastructure options. 

The Finance Minister told the Auckland Chamber of Commerce today the “base” projections the government are starting from. Source: 1 NEWS

Earlier in the speech Mr Robertson outlined the priorities and plans of the upcoming mini-budget. 

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said there was “great potential” for private-public-partnerships, as well. Source: 1 NEWS