Auckland's Phil Goff vows to restore city's trust in local government

Newly elected Auckland mayor Phil Goff says his first task when he sits down in his new office tomorrow morning will be to restore his city's trust in its local council.  

Phil Goff lays out his plans for Auckland and discusses what his first priorities will be as mayor. Source: Q+A

Mr Goff thanked Aucklanders for the confidence and trust they bestowed in him with their ballots and he wants to return the favour.

He says he will kick-off his term tomorrow by meeting with Auckland Council executives to look over some "pretty bad statistics". 

"The council’s own survey found that only 15 per cent of Aucklanders had trust, and only 17 per cent satisfied were satisfied with the job Auckland council is doing," he said on Q+A. 

Mr Goff says it's disappointing that the Council isn't doing better, six years after the introduction of the Super City. 

"What that indicates is either that the Council is not delivering what Aucklanders want or we’re not communicating the message very well, or probably a mixture of the two."

The 63-year-old swept into the role with a commanding lead over his nearest rival, netting nearly half of the votes cast. Source: 1 NEWS

He says his focus has to be on delivering more efficient and effective leadership within the given budget.  

And to achieve this, he will argue for changes to be made to the regional fuel tax. 

"At the moment we have an interim transport levy… it's the same for a person on a minimum wage as it is for a large corporate.

"I’ll be surprised if the government rejects that [argument], knowing we are heading towards gridlock in Auckland," Mr Goff says. 

Despite being an admirer of third-place candidate, 22-year-old Chloe Swarbrick, Mr Goff says he isn't about to "throw" her a job offer. 

He also says he has not yet made his decision on who will become his deputy, but when the time comes his choice will be based "purely on merit".