Auckland's Formosa Golf Resort gets another Insanitary Building notice

The Auckland golf resort accused of discharging thousands of litres of sewage towards a stream has been re-issued an Insanitary Building Notice, by Auckland Council.

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Locals living near Formosa say the effluent is being pumped towards a stream. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes as wastewater issues at Beachlands' Formosa Golf Resort, remain unresolved.

A notice was first issued after a story from 1 NEWS last month with hidden camera footage showing someone at the complex pumping untreated effluent out of tanks on site.

The waste was ending up in a waterway, which flowed out to sea.

Documents obtained by 1 NEWS under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, indicate issues with Formosa’s wastewater system first began six years ago.

The Insanitary Building Notices issued state that no waste can be discharged on site, until problems are resolved.

Auckland Council Compliance Investigations manager Kerri Fergusson told 1 NEWS officers have visited the complex again and carried out further testing, after the expiry of the first notice.

She said the company has complied with or taken steps to comply with instructions given, but conditions from the first notice will remain to ensure this continues.

All toilet, laundry and kitchen facilities have been secured, to prevent access by users.

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But Auckland Council didn’t visit the resort for five years, 1 NEWS has found. Source: 1 NEWS

Tanks holding waste material at the wastewater treatment system have been emptied, and the company has an “isolated tank that is operating for any accidental discharges”, said Ms Fergusson.

The on site wastewater treatment system’s been reviewed by a registered engineer and a Council expert, who have confirmed it’s out of order.

“They have ordered ultraviolet light equipment from overseas to treat the area for any bacteria”, said Ms Fergusson.

“They have further recommended a replacement system for installation and are in the process or ordering what they need to replace the malfunctioning system”.

“They are also to carry out pressure testing to ensure there is no stormwater egress” she said.

The new Insanitary Building Notice will expire in the second week of August.

Formosa Golf Resort said work to fix its system began a fortnight ago and will be complete in the next six to eight weeks.