Auckland's Britomart re-opens a day after train track cracks forced it closed

Auckland’s Britomart Station, the city’s busiest transport hub, has re-opened after cracks in train tracks forced it shut yesterday morning. 

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Crews worked through the day after finding cracks on worn tracks during routine monitoring. Source: Breakfast

Auckland Transport confirmed the station had re-opened shortly after 6.30am on Twitter. 

“Britomart has been reopened and the train services will return to how they were pre-fault,” Auckland Transport said.

Repairs of train tracks were undertaken overnight.

Yesterday, commuters faced delays after services travelling to Britomart were stopped at Newmarket Station instead. 

An Auckland Transport spokesperson told 1 NEWS yesterday the number of commuters affected was in the “low thousands”.

KiwiRail chief operating officer Todd Moyle said yesterday the cracks in the tracks were caused by rolling contact fatigue (RCF) caused by the pressure on the rail from trains passing over.

"In taking such decisions, safety is KiwiRail’s paramount concern. Overseas, RCF has been associated with derailments."

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Urgent repair work on the tracks has left it out of action since early in the morning of September 17. Source: 1 NEWS

Yesterday’s closure comes as KiwiRail continues its upgrade of the Auckland rail network. 

Moyle said more than 100km of Auckland's rail network needs replacing or repairing.