Aucklanders to be allowed to use hand-held hose at home as water restrictions eased

Auckland Council has agreed to ease water restrictions for summer.

Source: 1 NEWS

Residents in the supercity area will be able to use a hand-held hose at home, provided it is attended and has a trigger nozzle.

After the worst drought on record, restrictions were imposed in May. 

“Aucklanders have been fantastic in their response to the call to conserve water, with residents and businesses saving around seven billion litres of water since restrictions were put in placem" Mayor Phil Goff said. 

“However, with storage dams still 19 per cent below average for this time of year, we are not out of the woods yet. While we have eased restrictions and people can use hand-held trigger hoses, we are asking Aucklanders to carry on with their good water savings habits."

Last month some restrictions on the commercial use of water were eased.