Auckland University student creates 'Earth sandwich' with help from man in Spain

An Auckland University student has created his very own "Earth sandwich" with help from a man in Spain.

New Zealand and Spain unite to create "Earth sandwich". Source: Reddit/Etinaude

Making the world's largest culinary creation is no mean feat, with 19-year-old computer science student Etienne Naude explaining how he made the calculations in a Reddit post.

"For all those wondering how I did this, I posted in r/Spain if anyone lived around that point that was keen to do this, to calculate it we used this site, and for other nerds here's a pretty map from Wikipedia," he wrote on Saturday.

Mr Naude posted an image of his Earth sandwich with his new Spanish friend, sharing the co-ordinates used to accomplish the feat.

The man in Spain used nine pieces of bread to make sure the sandwich would work out in case of a slight discrepancy in co-ordinates.

The New Zealand side of the sandwich was based on Buckland's Beach, Auckland, while the other side was located just southeast of Seville, Spain, close to a small town called Olvera.

Mr Naude also created a laser cut version of the Earth sandwich.

Laser cut Earth sandwich. Source: Reddit/Etinaude

He told 1 NEWS he has been wanting to make an Earth sandwich for years.

"I asked a bunch of friends and family if they knew anyone from Spain in that region - sadly, none did."

About a month ago, he posted on Reddit looking for some help.

"A few people PM'd me and we chatted to find who was closest to the antipode. Eventually we tried to make it late last year but unfortunately there was an issue in Spain's end so it got delayed for a short while.

"Until last week when we made it," Mr Naude says.

British YouTubers Jay Swingler and Romell Henry hit the headlines when they spent over $10,000 early last year to create their own Earth sandwich by flying from the UK to Australia.