Auckland University apologises after mispelling Māori on student's degree

The University of Auckland has apologised after making an embarassingly obvious typo of the word 'Māori' on the digital graduation certificate of one of their students. 

University of Auckland Source:

Sharing the blunder on Twitter, the 'a' in Māori was replaced with a hash icon believed to have occurred during their attempt to incorporate the macron above the letter. 

In a tweet, the University apologised, saying an external supplier experienced a "technical problem" while producing the digital certificates. 

"We apologise for this and thank you for bringing it to our attention. A technical problem with the macron by an external supplier has resulted in this error in the digital copies of certificates uploaded to the cloud-based website. All printed copies are individually checked," the university said. 

Some Twitter users called out the education provider, exclaiming that better care should be taken, especially with something as significant as a graduation certificate. 

The university says additional care is taken to ensure each physical copy of graduation certificates are individually checked for errors.