Auckland Uni Vice Chancellor says no interest in upping international student numbers despite Govt target

The University of Auckland’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Stuart McCutcheon told 1 NEWS today he has no interest in expanding the number of international students at his institution.

He's rejected claims from international students to 1 NEWS that ghostwriting is widespread at the university.

He says their claims and the claims of university lecturers that the problem of cheating among international students is serious and growing is unverified and damaging.

International students pay as much as six times more to study at our universities than New Zealanders.

They inject $4.6 billion into our economy. The Government hopes to increase that figure to $6 billion by 2025.

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There are claims universities are turning a blind eye to the problem for the millions of dollars international students pump into their bottom line. Source: 1 NEWS

Lecturers who have spoken to 1 NEWS say universities are ignoring the problem of ghostwriting so as not to undermine the valuable income international students bring.

But Professor McCutcheon says if it was about the money, Auckland University would take many more international students.

He says they represent about 20 per cent of the roll now and he says that’s the right mix.

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Prof Stuart McCutcheon said international students represent 20 per cent of the roll, and that’s about right, despite Government hopes of increasing their economic impact. Source: 1 NEWS