Auckland truckies hit the road for second time in protest at rising fuel prices

Truck drivers are lined up ready to convoy to central Auckand in protest at rising fuel prices for the second time.

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RNB Transport’s Rob Ryan talks to Breakfast about protesting for a second time. Source: Breakfast

RNB Transport owner Rob Ryan says there are about 20 trucks lined up with more coming.

He talks to TVNZ’s Breakfast about the affect the fuel tax is having on a lot of truck companies.

“Truck companies in Auckland are feeling it.

“Our fuel bills have pretty much doubled. You can’t keep adding taxes and taxes and taxes to fuel.”

Ryan says, “You’ve got to start listening to us some time or another, we are the biggest fuel users in Auckland for commercial.”

The RNB Transport owner says they will be coming back every month until the fuel tax is sorted.

“It’s not just hurting trucking companies, it’s hurting everybody.”