Auckland Transport's new parking warden camera cars can read your plate and give you a fine as it drives past

Auckland Transport (AT) have begun trialling new cars featuring licence plate recognition in some city fringe suburbs.

The technology was brought in from Australia, where it has been in use for some years.

Cars equipped with the system can drive down a street, reading number plates as they go, and making note of any cars without valid residents parking permits, for example.

They use three sets of cameras to read the number plates, verify street signage and record the time, but infringement notices are not yet being issued, as the system is still being tested.

However, when they do, the infringement notices will be reviewed at the end of the day by a human to make sure there were no inconsistencies or false positives.

John Strawbridge, Group Manager of Parking Services & Compliance, said the vehicles will mean AT can ensure greater compliance consistency in resident parking zones.

"This new technology project will provide the opportunity for greater coverage across the city with increased efficiency and frequency," he said.

A spokesperson said the system was likely to go live in full within "a few months".

One of Auckland Transport's new Licence Plate Recognition vehicles. Source: Supplied