Auckland Transport announces fare increase to cover costs

Auckland Transport has announced a fare increase as part of its annual review of public transport fares.

Source: 1 NEWS

The transport company revealed the changes today, stating that there would be a “small general fare increase" due to operating cost changes including inflation and diesel pricing.

The increase will take effect from February 9, 2020.

Mark Lambert of Auckland Transport says those costs, like diesel, can’t be completely absorbed by the transport company.

“So we have had to introduce some slight fare increases,” said Mr Lambert.

“The fare changes do not cover the full cost of inflation with the balance covered by service efficiencies and AT’s own cost reductions, and funding increases from Auckland Council and the NZ Transport Agency.”

Alongside the fee increases though, AT said free public transport for five to 15-year-olds over weekends would continue.

There will be no changes for those travelling longer distances.

The company has also revealed ferry fare integration will start early this year, which AT said will be cheaper for ferry customers who can use multi-mode journeys.

Mr Lambert said the changes have been kept at the lowest possible level so that public transport continues to remain a cheap and accessible option for Aucklanders.

This year will also see increased peak time services and expansion into new growth areas.