Auckland surgeon beats traffic with help of police to perform life-saving surgery on 'desperately unwell' baby




An Auckland surgeon trying to battle backed-up, heavy Sunday traffic in an attempt to urgently perform life-saving surgery on a baby was helped get to hospital by police. 

Papakura Police rushed paediatric surgeon Dr Elizabeth Rumball to Auckland's Starship Hospital in just 10 minutes after she called *555 for help.

Dr Rumball was told to go to the Papakura Police Station where Constable Matt Malcolm and Constable Rachel Morgan escorted her to the hospital, with the police lights flashing the whole way. 

"As a paediatric heart surgeon we get used to dealing with life and death," Dr Rumball said.

"When I found myself on the motorway last night, having been called to an emergency and the motorway was blocked, I wasn't sure at first what to do."

She said the helpful police officers took any anxiety she was feeling away.

"You have no idea the difference that made, and my ability to get in here and help the team with a desperately unwell child."

The baby survived the surgery. 

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