Auckland scientists use maths to recreate virtual human body and 'transform' medicine

Auckland University's Bioengineering Institute is using maths to create a virtual model of the human body, a project that has just received one of the largest research grants ever awarded to the university.

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The project has received a large research grant. Source: Seven Sharp

The modelling will help gain greater insight into human biology, as medical images, blood tests and genetic data can all be used to solve medical mysteries.

"We want to transform the way we do medicine and try and bring about personalised medicine," the institute's Professor Thor Besier told Seven Sharp.

"At the moment when you go and visit a doctor you have some history, you have some symptoms and the doctor then has to make a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

"What we're trying to do is improve the way that can be done to really optimise it for the person.

"Ideally by the end of this we will have computer mathematical models that represent our bodies and then can test lots of different treatments and interventions on computer model to optimise a treatment outcome and help a clinician to diagnose, monitor and deliver personalised treatment outcomes," Besier said.

Funding would go towards wearable and implantable devices that would collect necessary data to be interpreted into the research.