Auckland school jazz band finds an inventive way to keep performing

An Auckland high school's jazz band isn't letting the country's four-week lockdown stop them from performing together.

Sancta Maria College, a catholic school based in Flat Bush, is just one of many schools to have events cancelled after the coronavirus pandemic pushed them in to online learning. 

But for the school's Big Band, social media created a way for the students to still perform together. 

In the week before the lockdown, the school decided to cancel all music rehearsals while students also faced the potential cancellation of the biggest events in their school calendar. 

Inspired by a suggestion from one of his students, Music teacher Thomas Cho turned to making videos in hopes to keep his students motivated. 

"Some students were in tears as this was their time to shine after their long and hard work for the past few years. I was very worried that this situation would make my students lose motivation," he said. 

According to Mr Cho, it was particularly hard for the older students as the coronavirus pandemic risked cancelling the two big performances of their year, the KBB Music Festival and the Auckland School Jazz Band Competition.

Individually, students from each part of the jazz band recorded their parts individually and sent them to Mr Cho to compile together. 

"We are a student band so after all it took a while... but I am still very proud of my students for pulling it off."

He says the group immediately took interest in the project and have already planned another two performances.