Auckland's roadside inorganic rubbish collection thrown on the scrap heap




Auckland's kerbside inorganic collection is being discarded with Onehunga residents the last to benefit from the council service.

Aucklanders have seen the last of of inorganic collections, with Otahuhu getting the last round.
Source: 1 NEWS

Depending on which part of town they live in, most residents have had their junk picked up from the roadside every year or two but the council service was a bit of a rarity.

A 2013 nationwide survey found only eight percent of local bodies offered inorganic pickups at the kerb - down from 15 percent two years earlier.

And it's had its problems, with rubbish dumped illegally in some places.

"We estimate probably about a third of the waste that we collect from the inorganic collections is illegal dumping," solid waste manager Ian Stupple said.

"It's come from out of the area or from small businesses dumping illegally."

And if it's not the dumpers paying a visit, it's the fossickers. While one man's trash may be another's treasure scavengers often leave a mess.

Now inorganic rubbish will be picked up from the property with reusable goods collected and sent to recycling centres.

Households will get one free pick-up a year - about a trailer-load's worth - which they must book with the council.

The council says the scheme should cost about $7 million per year - slightly cheaper than the old system.

"It's a lot safer, a lot tidier, and also it's more convenient to residents," says Mr Stupple.

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